Guy Goes On Work Break, Returns With Tattered Kitty Perched On His Shoulder

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on December 4, 2023

A little meow was overhead by a man named Justin while on a work break. Justin searched for where the sound was coming from. He followed the tiny mews around the corner and found a small kitten near the trash. The kitten, with dark fur, looked up at Justin and their eyes locked. Justin called out to the kitten, and to his surprise, the little guy came over to him with curious desperation.

As Justin extended a hand, the meow transformed into a grateful purr resonating in his little kitty heart. Unable to resist, Justin scooped up the small black kitten, forging an instant bond. The little one climbed up onto Justin’s shoulder and perched there as if he always belonged.

Justin, a compassionate soul, couldn’t imagine leaving the tiny kitten alone. He named the kitten Grizzly and took him in, turning his workshop into a special place they shared together. Grizzly’s entertaining, mischievous antics awarded him the title of Justin’s ‘kitty assistant.’

The little black cat, often perched on his new dad’s shoulder, became indispensable to Justin. To this day, Grizzly continues to accompany Justin to work, making his dad’s days so much brighter. Whenever Grizzly seeks affection, Justin gladly obliges. “Grizzly is the most beautiful thing in my life,” Justin often says with a big smile on his face.

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