Cat Lets Out A Disheartening Meow For The Guy He’s Been Waiting For

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 11, 2023

A guy was walking up his driveway when he noticed a cat lying in his yard. As he got closer, the cat, who was sick, cried out for help. His little meow was all the guy needed to take the situation seriously. He carried him to his porch, put out food, and tried to address the cat’s needs.

The poor cat was covered in wounds, and his fur was caked in filth. The kind man tried to clean his skin, but his wounds were too severe. He needed a vet! He cut the mats off of his fur to make the cat more comfortable until he could bring him to the emergency clinic.

He kept the cat outside on the porch in case he had anything contagious. He didn’t want his other cats to get sick too. Next, it was check-up time! The man was convinced his strange-looking paws were injured, but he was actually polydactyl. How cool is that?!

The cat tested negative for everything but was very anemic. The vet explained what he needed for his care and gave the okay to bring the cat indoors so long as he was quarantined. What follows in this wonderful tale is too good to miss! Scroll on down to experience it for yourself!

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