Generous Cat Rescues Poor Dog Trapped Behind Door

| Published on September 6, 2015

At first glance, many of us might believe that this cat actually locked up the dog. We know how they can fight sometimes… But the truth is really quite the opposite. This poor little dog is stuck behind a door or panel and his feline friend is determined to help him escape. Although he looks quite frustrated his dog pal can’t figure it out for himself, he jumps right in to assist in the escape. This cat impressed us with both his intelligence and his generosity in helping this dog get free. After all, we know plenty of cats that would lock up the family dog and throw away the key! Fortunately, these two seem to have a much better friendship than that.

Cats and dogs can certainly get along and we thank Funny Pets for sharing this great video! You can watch more clips of cats and dogs at their YouTube channel.