Found Abandoned & Barely Alive, This Cat Can’t Stop Begging For Hugs!

Two years ago, one couple came home to an unexpected surprise…

“It was back in December 2014 in Belarus. When we were back home at the apartment, we found a tiny kitten in a box,” the soon-to-be cat-mom told Love Meow.

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The tiny tuxedo kitten was not in good health. His eyes wouldn’t open, and he refused to eat or drink.

When they took the kitty to the vet, they were told that there was a good chance he wouldn’t make it. But they wouldn’t give up on the little furball, named Pusic.

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The ill kitty wouldn’t eat for almost a week, so they gave him glucose and cared for him 24/7. Then finally, Pusic showed some improvement.

“On day 7, a miracle happened. The kitty started to eat and recover,” his humans told Love Meow.



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As the kitten grew stronger, his perseverance was nothing short of inspiring.

“I saw a new world through his eyes. He is so happy to be living in a home,” they said in the story.

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Not only does Pusic love life, he just loves his humans! In fact, every time he sees them, he reaches his paws in the air to beg for a hug!

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What a sweet kitty! We’d love to get one of those cuddly hugs.

To see more of Pusic’s affectionate antics, check him out on Instagram @catpusic and YouTube.

(h/t: Love Meow)

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