Feline Waltz: Toilet Paper Roll Style

| Published on September 10, 2015

Cats are known for being one of the more sophisticated animals, so it only makes sense that their style of dance is just as refined. Thunder and Monkey show us exactly how it’s done with their feline Waltz, particularly with regards to toilet paper rolls. We know what you’re thinking…that sounds ridiculous. But feast your eyes on this beautiful routine and, well, go ahead and chuckle. These two rescue cats really are hilarious and they do a great job of goofing around with cardboard rolls. Add a little slow motion, some practical tunes and you’ve got yourself a classic kitty Waltz of the utmost elegance. We absolutely loved watching it and we’re sure you will too!

It almost looks like Thunder and Monkey really are carefully placing each and every paw, delicately leaping and lavishly showing us how beautiful a cat dance can be. For more videos of this adorable duo, be sure to check out their YouTube channel!