Fat Cat In A Small Box – Too Hilarious to Handle!

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on April 29, 2015

Cats and boxes always go together! Understanding their nature will give you an idea why these cats will never let go of their boxes. They feel a sense of security when they’re inside a box or any confined spaces. No matter how big or small the box is, as long as they fit, it should be fine. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with this cat in the video. Is this cat too big for his box – or box is too small for him? Nevertheless, he tries hard to fit in and his determination has no boundaries! His owner is experimenting on different box sizes – watch how he tries to fit himself into each box! How hilarious is that? Click the video below and watch how this cat sits in a small box.

No matter how small the box is, this cat still manages to pull off a comfortable position. Who wants to have a cat like this? Please leave us a comment below and share to us your funny cat stories!