Family Is Shocked When They Hear Tiny Meows Inside A Donation Bin

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on April 12, 2017

When the Ilfrey family stopped at a donation bin on their way to the beach, they intended on dropping stuff off… but they didn’t expect to pick up a new feline friend!

When Mom Christy got out of the car to put some old clothes into the bin, she was shocked to hear the pitiful sound of tiny meows coming from inside.

“I pulled the lever again and peered inside,” she said in a story by The Dodo. “There, scurrying along the metal floor, was a tiny gray kitten. He was panicking. I called to my daughter and husband who were still inside our car, and they joined me at the bin.”

Not wanting to leave the terrified kitten to fend for himself, they tried contacting the company by the phone number on the bin. However, since it was a Sunday, they had no luck. Their young daughter Sage offered to be lowered in, but her parents were afraid she’d get stuck.

So, they called the police.

The Aransas Pass Police Department arrived on the scene, with the assistance of the local fire department. The team worked to saw and pry the bolts from the bin, until finally, there was an opening big enough to reach in… and one of the firefighters plucked the gray sweetheart out!

Image Source: Christy Tinsley Ilfrey


The Ilfrey’s stayed to make sure that the kitten got out safely, and once he was freed, they knew that there was one more thing he needed: a forever home.

“Sage and I had recently discussed getting a playmate for our cat, Lupine,” Christy told The Dodo. “We live in a tiny home with three dogs and a cat, but we knew we could make room for this sweet little soul.”

The Ilfrey’s daughter was thrilled to take the abandoned kitten home. Since they’d been listening to Jones The Band in the car, and the first officer on the scene was named Jones, they figured that the name was purrfect for their new kitty companion.

Image Source: Christy Tinsley Ilfrey


After a check-up with the vet, little Jones was determined to be about 4-weeks-old, weighing less than a pound. Though this baby had a rough start, he is projected to be a healthy, happy cat!

So, how did a kitten end up in a donation bin, in the first place?

“We believe he was put into the bin by someone,” Ilfrey told iHeartCats. “The bottom of the metal bin is sealed tight, and someone would have had to pull on the heavy door then push it up to close it. A cat or even a small human would not be able to operate the door.”

Image Source: Christy Tinsley Ilfrey


“There were only a few bags in the bin, so it’s likely he had only been there since Friday evening or sometime Saturday,” she added. “He was very hungry, though!”

Luckily, fate was on Jones’ side, and he’s loving life with his new family. Although he’s tiny compared to the other pets in the house, he “doesn’t seem to notice.”

“He chases them a few steps then wobbles and falls over. He paws and nibbles at their toes, too,” she told iHeartCats.

“When Sage climbs into her loft (we live in a tiny home) Jones tries to follow her. Of course his little legs cannot yet span the rungs of the ladder, so she carries him upstairs with her. He almost immediately falls asleep on her bed; living with him is like having a newborn in the house again!”

Image Source: Christy Tinsley Ilfrey


Despite his ordeal, it looks like Jones was meant to find his forever family… and we’re so glad he did!

Thanks to Christy Tinsley Ilfrey for letting us share this wonderful story!

(h/t: The Dodo)