Family Finds Cute Kitten Snuggling in Baby’s Crib

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 26, 2024

When the niece was born, the family cat wasn’t exactly thrilled. Initially, he was a bit curious, but once that curiosity faded, he mostly ignored the small, crying human.

As she grew, the cat’s interest in her increased, but whenever she tried to pet him, he would swat her hand or extend his claws. He wasn’t the friendliest cat, which is often expected when cats are around babies.

However, when Kelly De Alba brought her newborn daughter, Kallie, home, she was delighted to find that their cat, Luna, not only liked the baby but was also incredibly gentle and loving towards her! Kelly even discovered Luna sneaking into Kallie’s bed at night for some snuggle time.

In an interview with The Dodo, Kelly shared, “I got a notification so I opened [the camera] and I just saw Luna rubbing all over [Kallie].” She added, “Luna was just cuddled up next to her, like, ‘Mom, don’t come get me.’”

Luna’s affection for Kallie isn’t limited to nighttime; she stays by her side throughout the day and is remarkably gentle.

When Kallie inevitably grabs a handful of Luna’s fur, instead of reacting aggressively like most cats might, Luna simply tolerates it. The bond they share is truly amazing.

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