Faithful Woman Championed For ‘Scary’ Cat That Shouldn’t Survive

| Published on April 19, 2024

Lucy, a Sphynx kitten, faced significant challenges from birth due to hydrocephalus, a rare neurological condition characterized by fluid accumulation in the brain. This condition can lead to various health issues and can be life-threatening. Despite the grim prognosis shared by the veterinarian, Lucy’s story took an inspiring turn.

Against the odds, Lucy demonstrated remarkable resilience and tenacity. Her will to live and adapt despite her condition showcased her extraordinary spirit. This little fighter not only survived but also thrived under the care of those who refused to give up on her. Her journey has been a source of inspiration, highlighting the importance of perseverance and the impact of dedicated care in the lives of animals with special needs. Lucy continues to defy expectations, proving that even those with the most daunting of challenges can lead fulfilling lives with the right support and love.

Kittens with this condition are often euthanized, but people rallied around her to fight for her life. Her biggest fan and champion: future mom Zilla Bergami. She fell in love with the kitten when she saw her photo online. When Lucy was finally cleared and went home with Zilla, the Cat-Mom was thrilled! However, taking on a kitten like Lucy wouldn’t be easy.

Even though Zilla researched Lucy’s condition and set her up with a veterinarian specializing in neurological conditions, she still had a host of problems. After frequent vet visits, the kitty was put on a regime of medications and scheduled for eye surgery.

Despite her grave diagnosis, Lucy continues to thrive! She has fans across the world, with over 35k followers on Instagram. Thanks to her mom’s unwavering strength, love, and faith, Lucy is living her best life! The video below is entitled: “

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