Even After Losing His Vision From A Virus This Cat Wouldn’t Give Up The Will To Live

A rescued cat’s journey doesn’t end the day they’re saved. In most cases, the cats have a long journey ahead of them due to the various conditions they may have developed in their previous situation. That’s exactly why we’re sharing Gabriel’s story! His story is one of survival, but this little guy still has a lot of difficulties ahead of him.
He was found in a backyard when he was only three weeks old. He was very ill and malnourished when he was found, but you could just tell he wanted to live. This little one is a fighter! But to make things worse, a virus he contracted caused his eyes to not develop properly. Where his eyelids should be, he only has tiny hairs. Not only does this make it hard for him to see, but it also causes general discomfort every day.
Thankfully, with a little help he will be able to see again, without the daily pain. Find out how you can help and hear more about this cutie’s heartwarming story here:

Gabriel is such a fighter! We hope we can raise enough awareness for his situation that he’ll be able to afford his surgery soon. Good luck, little boy! We’re rooting for you!

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