Equestrian Cat Loves Hitching A Ride On His Pony Best Friend

Is there anyone cats can’t charm?

This incredible feline has managed to make a pal out of this gorgeous spotted horse, and the two friends are going for a stroll through the country! The weather may not be the best, but that won’t keep them from enjoying the beautiful scenery together.

Both pets live with Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer in Devon, England. Louis is a six-year old Siamese cat, and Comet is a five-year old pony. They only met a year ago, but they became best friends in no time at all! Emma tells The Daily Mail that Louis is a natural equestrian cat:

“It all started when I was riding Comet and I would just tap my leg and Louis would jump on. Now all I have to do is tap Comet’s back and Louis is straight there. He doesn’t need any more encouragement than that.”

Watch Comet and Louis go for a ride here:

Even when he isn’t riding, Louis loves to spend time with Comet. Emma says she often finds the two nuzzling – what a sweet, horse-loving kitty!

H/T: TheDailyMail.co.uk
Featured Image: Screenshot via Emma Massingale/Facebook

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