8 ‘Amazing Ideas’ To Create More Living Spaces For Your Cat

| Published on March 8, 2024

Even in a compact living environment, you can transform your space into a thrilling jungle for your cat. Utilize these innovative and straightforward strategies to enhance the excitement of your living area, often with things you already possess. Although your cat’s territory might be limited, these ingenious suggestions will help you maximize your available space, ensuring your feline friend has an adventurous playground to explore.

#1 – Hammock

If you can’t expand your living space out, start by looking to make the most of your vertical space. Cats love to climb, and many will find their ways up walls and curtains – which is not ideal. But we can encourage their love of heights and hiding with simple additions, like cat hammocks. These cute little nests can be hung from the ceiling or wall and give your cat a new place to lounge some where high up, casting their gaze down upon their kingdom like the royalty they are. Get your kitty king or queen a hammock of their own on Amazon.

#2 – Nooks

Fact: cats love to hide. They have their tunnels and boxes and nooks and crannies, and with a little creativity, we can give them more spaces to sneak off to when they need a little privacy. Short on space? Save a little bit of shelf on a bookshelf for your kitty and add a bit of fabric to curtain it off. Even a storage cube placed on its side for easy access will give your cat a little cozy cube when they crave privacy! This cozy cube is affordable, private, and small enough to fit in tight spaces!

#3 – Under the Bed

The space under your bed is quiet and dark – exactly the kind of place cats love! If you don’t have one already, adding a bed skirt is quick, simple, and will turn the space under your bed into a spacious cat cave.

#4 – Wall Shelves

These have become all the rage lately, as more people in small spaces get cats and want something more attractive and space-saving than traditional cat trees. As they’ve grown in popularity, more options have become available including sets with bridges, tunnels, and hidey-holes you can mount on your wall! Your kitty may never want to come down! This set from Amazon is easy to install and sturdy because it was built just for cats!

#5 – Window Seat

Windows are another “wasted space” that cats love. This is empty real estate just begging for a boost. If your cat is the type that loves to gaze out through the glass, they’ll especially love a window seat! More than just a new spot to lay, your cat will get a prime spot to catch some sun, chirp at birds, and your neighbors will get a glimpse of your precious kitty! Find one for your own windows at Amazon.

#6 – Behind the door

Not something you think about, but there is quite a bit of space behind each door that is just that – space. These cool cat climbers use that space for something your kitty will love. Just open your doors slowly. This set on Amazon mounts easily to any interior door while still leaving it functional.

#7 – Wall Mounted Cat Tree

More than just a step, this is actually a tree that has space to climb, scratch, and nap! It’s everything your kitty could want out of a cat tree, but made for a teeny space!

#8 – Desk Cat Seat

Does your cat try to sit on your already too cluttered desk? No room for her to hang out near you? This simple addition to your desk will give kitty a place to hang out while you work. This Kitt-In-Box desktop cat bed is no longer being sold, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for something similar! Til we find it, why not try to clear a space for a nice pad for your cat – maybe something nice and warm will keep them off your keyboard.