Eco-Friendly Feline Furniture That’s Purrfectly Gorgeous–And Safe For Your Cat

Brock Delinski and Kathleen Ventura are the epitome of health-conscious, living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle that ranges “from eating vegan to wearing organic cotton socks.” So when they rescued their cat Katooni, they were shocked to find out how the majority of commercial pet furniture was made. After researching, they found it was “loaded with un-healthy glues, toxic chemicals and questionable materials – we felt it was time for a change,” Brock said.

With a solution in mind, the couple developed Eco Cat Furniture.

“[It’s] the ONLY environmentally friendly cat furniture that is FUN for cats and safe for the planet. Each piece is made with reclaimed wood and American steel … that’s it!” Brock explained.

The furniture is mountable so it takes up very little space while allowing your kitties to climb and perch. One more thing: the pieces make gorgeous, rustic home decor!

Take a look:

Part wall art, part purring paradise–this company has it right! (And what a lovely meowdel.)

Brock and Kathleen have started a Kickstarter page in order to jump-start their business. Love this idea? Consider backing this earth and cat-friendly venture.

You can see more pictures on Instagram @ecocatfurniture.

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