Don’t Forget The Importance Of Playtime With Your Feline Friend


We as pet owners and cat lovers have a duty and responsibility when it comes to taking very good care of our kitties. I am not talking about feeding them, brushing them, or cleaning up after them… I am talking about playing and being social with them! Our pets need to be given lots of friendly interaction and play time, that’s what we got them for anyways right? To play with and love.

Play time is actually very essential to all ages of cats, to keep them healthy physically and mentally. It reduces the chances of obesity and stress, and keeps the cats mind engaged whiles keeping muscles toned. It also perfects their natural born gifts such as using their teeth and claws, chasing and pouncing, hunting etc.

So here’s Jonasek, reminding us just how important play time really is!

It seems like cats really use play time to their advantage, and train themselves while they are having all of that fun!

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