Cat ‘Rests’ Her Paw On Dog Afflicted By Anxiety Attacks Till They Subside

| Published on March 9, 2024

Chapo, a dog who endured four long years chained up in his owner’s garage, found hope and a chance at a new life through the efforts of a rescue group. Despite being rescued, Chapo was still trapped in a world of fear and mistrust. However, a compassionate individual came forward, determined to help the distressed dog overcome his past traumas and show him the kindness he had been denied.

Chapo entered foster care with Claudia and her pets, including a special kitty named Freeway. The dog instantly exhibited worrying signs that deeply concerned his foster mom. The pup had full-blown anxiety attacks. They were so severe that Claudia wrapped him in a blanket. She got under the blanket with him and assured the dog that everything would be okay.

But Chapo wasn’t convinced until Freeway came into the picture. Freeway, a loving, compassionate cat, sensed Chapo’s fear and did all she could to soothe him. Every time Chapo suffered from an anxiety attack, the cat was right there, spooning him closely. Freeway wrapped her little paw around him and held him tight.

Because of the cat’s unwavering love and commitment, Chapo’s life turned around. You have to see this real-life fairy tale unfold. Thanks to Freeway’s devotion, Chapo is now living his best life!

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