Does My Cat Need A Bath?

| Published on January 5, 2015

It’s well established that cats typically hate water, so giving your feline a bath might seem counter-intuitive. But it’s a fairly common practice, even for your average owner, and many are beginning to wonder if it’s necessary. The short answer is no. Cats generally do not need regular bathing, because they do so much self-grooming. Cats are clean animals and spend hours maintaining their coats and keeping themselves in top shape. However, there are certain occasions when your cat might actually need to have a little scrubbing.

Because cats are both sneaky and curious, they often find themselves in situations that make them very dirty. Has your cat ever dumped your baking flour all over himself, or gotten stuck in the mud and rain? Maybe you’re experiencing a nasty flea infestation and need to get it under control faster than topical medications can work. Whatever the reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to give your cat a bath. Sometimes, an obese cat may not be able to clean himself sufficiently, and needs a little extra help. While the real concern is the excess weight on your feline, it’s also reasonable to give regular baths to ensure he stays clean and no matting or skin infections occur.

While cats don’t need regular baths their entire lives, many choose to start bathing at a young age to help their cats become used to the routine. As you might expect, an older cat being dumped into the sink for the first time probably won’t go as easily as planned. Not only will panic ensue, you’re also likely to get injured as your scared kitty is scratching to get away! With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to start bathing your cat regularly as a kitten to prevent any sort of chaos that might happen should she get dirty.

As always, make sure to avoid any human products to wash your cat, as they may actually cause more harm than good. Cats can be especially sensitive to the harsh ingredients in many human soaps and shampoos, so picking out products made especially for felines is important.

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