This Person Dashed Across a Busy Highway to Save a Stranded Kitten

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 27, 2024

Rescue stories are both inspiring and exciting. We often see animals being saved by rescue groups, but there’s something special when ordinary citizens go out of their way and sometimes risk their own lives to help an animal in need. In this harrowing video, a woman noticed a tiny kitten on the other side of a busy interstate while driving on an overpass. With cars and trucks whooshing by, she made her way over and pulled onto the shoulder. She was running on straight adrenaline when she decided to risk her own life to save another.

“This is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done!” – The woman said. 

The woman got out of her car, waited for a break in traffic, and sprinted across the road. The tiny kitten was petrified! He was unsure if she was there to help him or hurt him. The woman later explains in the video that there was no way he ended up on the highway on his own. He must’ve been dumped from a vehicle and left to die. This was a heartbreaking realization that crushed her soul. Now, eager to give him a new start in life, she worked quickly to gain the kitten’s trust.

She repeated, “Please don’t run. Please don’t run.”

The tiny cat hissed and growled, but that didn’t deter his savior. She looked past his outbursts and grabbed him by the nape of the neck. She put him inside her vehicle, and they drove back to her house, where she decided to foster the kitten. The feline, now named Dodger, immediately had a major change in personality. He no longer hissed and growled or feared the woman. Instead, he was playful and loving.

It was obvious that Dodger loved his new home, and the woman debated whether to adopt Dodger or find him a new loving family. What do you think she decided? To find out, play the video below. This kitty’s rescue was a miracle!

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