Cat Dad Builds Elevator For His Senior Cat’s Daily ‘Journey’ To Downstairs Sunny Spot

| Published on March 12, 2024

Frodo cats are special cats. Like their Tolkien-created namesakes, cats named after this loyal and kind hobbit are imbued with a brave spirit and steadfast hearts. They’re cats with bright eyes and perkiness in their personalities. A Frodo cat is one of the best friends you’ll ever have.

And when your Frodo cat needs something, you’ll do whatever it takes, whether that means a harrowing journey to Mount Doom or building an elevator to help your senior cat conquer old age. And that’s just what YouTuber Liam Thompson of Auckland, New Zealand, did when his Frodo cat started having trouble with stairs.

Cat + Elevator = “Catevator”

Liam and Frodo have been together since they were just wee ones, Liam a little cutie with curls and Frodo a kitten of sweet orange. Now, the guys are grown, but still the best of friends. Liam is known for his fun innovations on YouTube, while Frodo has aged into a wise, old man cat of almost twenty.

As Liam says, a cat that old, “it’s like Dumbledore or Gandalf territory.”

Though his “ancientness” slows him down, Frodo still journeys down a flight of steps every day to hang out in his favorite sunny spot by the pool. Seeing him struggle with the steps, Liam got an idea. He would build Frodo an elevator.

Liam’s idea was based on a roller coaster he built for a previous project, but the elevator for his cat would have “more safety features.” He first crafted a smooth track of wood and sliding door rail. The track was then installed on the stairs with an electric lift to haul the riding platform up and down. To test the elevator, Liam initiated a test ride with Jimbo, a cute plaid stuffed cat.

Right away, Liam spotted a safety issue when Jimbo tumbled off the front of the platform. His revised design sported walls for safety, converting the platform into something cats love…a box!

A Purrfect Ride

With test runs done and safety in place, Liam gathered up his old ginger friend and placed him in the box for the maiden voyage. The ride proved a success as a pleased Frodo cat rode the elevator to the bottom and hopped out with ease before making his merry way to his sunny spot.

Delighted with the outcome, a happy Liam exclaimed, “This is the greatest day of my life!”

Ten minutes later, Frodo returned to the elevator box and rode back to the top, leaving Liam “absolutely fizzing.” The cat dad’s invention was a smashing success!

For more of Liam and Frodo’s fellowship of fun, follow Liam Thompson on YouTube.

Feature Image: Liam Thompson/YouTube