Guy Spends His Entire Vacation With A Kitten Losing His Eye

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 10, 2024

A vacation in the Philippines took an unexpected turn for a couple when they stumbled upon a kitten in desperate need of care. The heartwarming story of how they nursed the kitten back to health, fell in love with him, and eventually brought him home has inspired them to help more cats in need. While on vacation in the Philippines, a couple found a kitten with a severely injured eye. Deciding to put their plans on hold, they brought the kitten, they named Cubi, to their Airbnb and began nursing him back to health. Despite losing his right eye, they were able to save his left eye. As Cubi began to recover, his playful and active nature started to shine through.

The couple, who were originally from Singapore, knew they wanted to bring Cubi home with them. However, he was still in the recovery stage and needed all his vaccinations. Fortunately, they found a foster in the Philippines who was more than willing to help them through the process. The couple made multiple trips back to the Philippines to visit Cubi, watching him grow from a small kitten to a ‘large, chonky cat.’

When the day finally arrived for them to bring Cubi to their home in Singapore, the couple was overjoyed. Upon arriving at their home, Cubi immediately settled in, feeling safe and comfortable. He even made friends with the couple’s first cat, Zoe, who initially wasn’t too keen on having a new feline companion. However, Cubi’s extroverted nature won her over, and the two cats now eat, sleep, and play together.

Cubi’s journey to health and happiness has had a profound impact on the couple, inspiring them to become more involved in helping shelters and stray cats. They now actively support sterilization efforts and provide medical assistance to cats in need, particularly in the Philippines. They even make a point to visit the place where they found Cubi, as there are still many cats in need of help there.

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