Courageous Cat Swims Across The Water To See His Friends

Put a cat in water and you’ll usually end up regretting your decision, but this brave feline isn’t going to let typical cat behavior get in between him and his friends.

A cat was filmed in Germany doing something most cats would never consider. Standing on the bank of a river, the white cat could see his two friends on the dock. It was too far to jump with no water taxi in sight, so he decided to take the matter into his own paws.

The cat only hesitates a second before stepping into the river. When the water gets too deep to stand, he doggy paddles his way across. He closes the distance between him and his feline friends in under a minute. The two cats on the dock seem shocked their friend was brave enough to get in the water. They get up from their sunbathing to greet the water warrior.

Once the white cat gets to the dock, it’s an easy jump up and out of the water—no panic and no claws. It goes to show that with the right motivation, cats can do surprising things.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube

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