Sleeping Clouded Leopard Cub Is The Sweetest Thing You Will See All Day

| Published on March 12, 2024

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo in Florida delighted fans with a captivating video featuring Aiya and Shigu, two female clouded leopard cubs born on February 29th. According to the zoo’s announcement, these charming siblings are embarking on an exciting phase of growth that involves exploring the outdoors. This experience is vital for their overall development, offering them a chance to interact with their environment in new ways.

Exposing the cubs to different natural environments provides essential sensory enrichment for continued development. Interaction and socialization is carefully managed to help build confidence. Allowing guests to observe the cub at play provides an educational opportunity to communicate the needs and perils of this rare and vulnerable species.


Clouded Leopards are the smallest of the big cats, the Zoo says. They weigh only 30-60 pounds at maturity and measure about five feet long, including their tail. The clouded leopard is a shy and reclusive cat, native to Southeast Asia’s forests and rain forests. Due to deforestation, hunting and poaching, the species is listed as “vulnerable.”

An adult Clouded Leopard from the San Antonio Zoo. Image source: Vearl Brown - wikipedia
An adult Clouded Leopard from the San Antonio Zoo. Image source: Vearl Brown – wikimedia

Check out this adorable video of one of the new cubs fast asleep:


How cute is she?? Nothing cuter than a baby animal sleeping, especially a cat! The two sisters will be out in a habitat starting this week, allowing zoo guests a rare opportunity to watch them explore the grassy area under close supervision of the Zoo’s animal care team. For more information, visit the Zoo’s website.