Clingy Cat Accompanies Her Human In Everything She Does And Everywhere She Goes!

| Published on March 2, 2016

People say that dogs are more affectionate than cats. That cats are a little indifferent to their humans. Well those who said that has never met or seen this cat.

This clingy, very protective cat won’t let her mom do anything or go anywhere without her. She accompanies her mom in everything she does, and everywhere she goes!

Reddit user NeonBlossom shared photos of her clingy cat keeping her company in everything she does. Like when she’s watching TV…

When I'm watching a movie.

…doing laundry…

When I'm about to put my clothes in the dryer.

…folding her laundry…

When I'm about to fold my clean laundry.

…drinking coffee…

When I'm drinking my coffee.

…eating dinner…

While I'm eating dinner.

…reading a book…

When I'm reading a book.

…applying make-up…

When I'm about to do my makeup.

…and so much more!

And I love her.

This clingy kitty just refuses to leave her side and let her do things alone.

She never leaves my side.

She just had to keep watch on her mom in everything she’s doing. And her mom loves her for it.

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