Woman Commits To Fading Kitten, Whispers “I Will Never Leave You”

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 12, 2024

Fostering kittens is both rewarding and challenging. Some kittens require more work than others, but they never fail to show their temporary families their heartfelt appreciation. When Chester and his siblings were just two weeks old, they found themselves in the loving care of their foster mom, Caroline. From the beginning, Chester seemed to crave human affection, often snuggling up to Caroline or her husband. However, Chester’s habit of distancing himself from his siblings soon became a cause for concern. Caroline noticed that Chester would often separate from his siblings, which can sometimes be a sign that a kitten is not feeling well.

The foster mom’s fears were confirmed when, after a couple of days, Chester suddenly stopped eating and became limp and lethargic. Chester was suffering from Fading Kitten Syndrome, a condition that Caroline had never dealt with before. Fading Kitten Syndrome is a life-threatening condition that can affect young kittens.

As Caroline held Chester in her arms, she begged him to fight through it and made a promise to him: “If you fight through this, I will take care of you forever. I will never leave you.” Miraculously, after a few days, Chester began to show signs of improvement. He started eating again, and his energy levels increased. Caroline could finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that Chester was going to be okay.

Out of the 50 kittens she had fostered, Chester was her one and only “foster fail” – a term used to describe a foster parent who ends up adopting their foster animal. Seeing Chester healthy, happy, and thriving inspired Caroline to take on more challenging foster cases. Eventually, she began her own rescue organization, with Chester serving as the catalyst. Today, Chester plays a significant role in the rescue, acting as an inspiration and mentor to the foster kittens who come into their home.

Chester loves to hang out with the foster kittens, grooming them and providing them with the nurturing they need. Caroline and her family have dubbed him “King Chester” because of the way he rules the house with a regal air, even when the kitty children are running around and being boisterous.

Caroline believes that Chester truly understands the meaning of love and affection. She’s grateful that he gets to mentor the kittens who come into their home struggling the most. There’s something special about kittens who have faced adversity – they seem to have an unyielding love for life, and Chester is no exception. Play the video below to see the tenacious kitten blossom into a healthy boy who loves his foster siblings.

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