Check Out Some Of The Funniest, Most Creative Cat Names Out There

There’s nothing like the excitement of bringing home a kitten or rescue cat and knowing that they’re going to be cared for and loved for the rest of their days. Whether your kitty has never had a name or you’d like to re-name your rescue to signify her new start, a lot of thought can go into this decision!

Some people love names that describe their cat’s personality, some get inspiration from pop culture icons, and others prefer to go the traditional route  But whatever you value in a name, we’re sure you’re going to love reading through the silly, unique, tasty names below!

This list was compiled by Co-op Pet Insurance, a company in the United Kingdom that sorted through the names of 50,000 policy pets to compile their favorites. See more at Co-Op’s pet name hub.

Sci Fi & TV Inspired Cat Names

Princess Leia

Buzz Lightyear


Han Solo


Celebrity Inspired Names





Chuck Norris


Food & Drink Inspired Names




Krispy Kreme



Cornflakes Tyger


Garlic Bread

Cocoa Cola Classic

Does your kitty have a silly, kooky, or unique name? How about another pet you know? Share with us in the comments below!

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