Expectant Mama Stray Scales Lady’s Screen Door Searching For Food

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 27, 2023

Charlie, a stray kitty, found a nice woman, Finn, to feed her. She was skittish and unsure of her new human friend. While Charlie kept her distance, Finn put food out on the porch. She appreciated the nibbles and happily ate when no one was close by.

With time, Charlie came closer. She was so excited to eat that she scaled the front screen door to get Finn’s attention. Now that she was in full view, Finn noticed that Charlie was pregnant! With persistence, Charlie began to form a bond with Finn but didn’t welcome her touch. Finn tried to help Charlie when the temperatures dropped, concerned about the soon-to-be mama. But Charlie wasn’t ready to come inside the house.

Finn put a heat lamp on the porch and Charlie loved it! She basked under its warmth with her little kitty pouch. Soon, it was time for the babies’ arrival. What follows is awesome! Get ready for the surprise ending and tons of kitty cuteness!

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