Street Cat Trying To Keep Warm In Discarded Mattress Leans Into Her

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 2, 2024

A poor, helpless kitty was spotted curled up near the trash area, trying to stay warm inside a mattress. The temperatures were unforgiving. The cat was cold and desperate. Thankfully, a woman named Elizabeth found him but was unable to take the cat indoors due to a family member’s severe allergies. She contacted the rescue group Whiskers-A-GoGo to ask for help. One of the rescuers with the group, Eva, sent a detailed message to her friend Dina, also an animal rescuer, who lived two blocks away.

Dina headed over, but the cat, later named Charlie, was nowhere in sight. She left him food and a towel, then sent a message to Elizabeth asking her to contact her if the cat returned. Soon, Elizabeth called Dina when she saw the kitty snuggled lying on the towel. When Dina returned, Charlie was eating the food she left for him. She approached the cat gently and knelt down. She put out her hand to entice the cat to come closer to her. Charlie moved toward Dina, lowering his guard and welcoming her touch, showing his readiness for rescue.

Dina brought Charlie home as a temporary foster. He quickly settled in, showing signs of relief and contentment. At about seven or eight years old, Charlie was an affectionate and vocal cat who loved cuddling and interacting with people. After a few days, Eva picked up Charlie for a veterinary check-up. Dina felt a mix of emotions when she handed Charlie to Eva and said she would take him back as a foster if needed. Eva promised she would keep that in mind.

Charlie required further medical tests, but the vet’s office was fully booked until the following week. Dina, seizing the opportunity to help, was ready to offer Charlie a permanent place in her home after falling in love with him. When Charlie emerged from his carrier at Dina’s place, it was clear he felt at home.

He is now being treated for hypertension and a heart murmur. Most of his days are spent lounging on a plush couch, and he eagerly snuggles up to Dina the moment he wakes. With Dina, Charlie has found his forever home, a place where he can live out his days with warmth and love.

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