Cats That Have Mastered The Art Of Human Things

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 20, 2015

Cats are quirky and at times can make us laugh out loud with the funny things they do. But what about when those actions take on human characteristics? Take a look at our fun gallery of cats that have mastered the art of human things, and some even better than us! We all know cats are smart, but these clever cats totally prove it!

1. They’ve definitely mastered the “oh no you didn’t!” eyes

8293477008_7ebaef725f_z-2Source: Alex Ulanov via Flickr

2. Playing video games is totally easy

2232638047_ff9e13a0d2_o-2Source: ColKorn1982 via Flickr

3. Humans aren’t the only ones that can stick out their tongues!

5636878293_31db488156_z-2Source: Christi Gain via Flickr

4. Forehead kisses aren’t just for humans!

10687797164_434d95cf28_zSource: Social Funny via Flickr

5. They basically invented being nosy

11897861734_a080916ba4_zSource: paulisson miura via Flickr

6. The “are you kidding me face” just comes naturally for a cat

4668530883_3702c32c86_zSource: Maria Morri via Flickr

7. Sunbathing!

13608849403_c698b32649_zSource: Robert Turner via Flickr

8. Catching up on some light reading

4482494250_ac622379dd_zSource: jit bag via Flickr

9. “Working” on the computer

2958386893_5fdafc0a0f_zSource: A.Davey via Flickr

10. Sleeping in… duh!

460288977_c2acaede27_z-2Source: Ella Mullins via Flickr