Cats Taking Selfies

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 18, 2014

Cats are naturally entertaining without even really trying, so when these cats take some selfies it’s sure to make us laugh watching them mimicking our behavior. Check it out for yourself for some kitties that are sure to make you smile:

11541589895_e35595e01c_zSource: @Juan Pablo Pérez via Flickr

15672047018_bfba871697_zSource: @Mark Moschell via Flickr

15627362500_da2d7da509_zSource: @Clarissa Rossarola via Flickr

12995422183_ee5b791575_zSource: @S R – via Flickr

14103410398_a510a6eae9_zSource: @Iain Patterson via Flickr

 14042423083_542b9b58a2_zSource: @candiru via Flickr

12385742693_94b4812647_zSource: @Grzegorz Adach via Flickr

15337806714_5546d0993d_zSource: @Flávio Bei via Flickr

7657535596_1c5f05311f_zSource: @Sandra Jovanovic via Flickr

14574726343_bab3d39ef2_zSource: @Benjamin Reed via Flickr

9410247692_4c9314580d_zSource: @Trish Hamme via Flickr

 8542712302_c81c50b26c_zSource: @Kalpita via Flickr

14679598579_acc5436182_zSource: @iJorgen via Flickr

7321752834_44e86803c9_zSource: @Trish Hamme via Flickr

14977256741_e1847ac58b_zSource: @Trish Hamme via Flickr

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