Cat Wins Title Of World’s LOUDEST Purr. Wait Until You Hear This….

| Published on May 20, 2015

Aside from meowing, purring is the most common sound that cats make. Cats purr for a number of reasons, she may be happy, or she may want something from you, or she may be soothing herself.

The average cat purr is 25 dB. However, some cats can purr louder. Just like the cat in the video below!

Everyone, meet Bluey! Bluey is a 12 year-old longhaired Moggy who has a growl rather than a meow. And her purr has registered 91 decibels! That makes her four times louder than the average cat, and well above the current official world record holder who purrs at 67.8 dB! Watch and listen to Bluey’s purr in the video below!

Wow! Bluey purrs really loud, doesn’t she? Do you think she’s gonna beat the current world record? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!