Cat Who Suffered Burns Gets Her Wounds Fashionably Dressed & Finds Forever Home

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In the words of the Open Doors Animal Rescue:

“In spring of 2015, Waverly came to us with severe chemical burns that required immediate and constant attention. Waverly had burns on her left side that were so bad it left open wounds.

Despite the abuse she suffered, she proved to be a resilient girl who thrived on care and love from people. From rescue, to foster, to forever home, we shared her progress in our recurring spotlight post “Wednesday with Waverly.”

Image Source: Open Doors Animal Rescue


Due to Waverly’s treatment, her burned area had to remain covered, and her fosters creatively would use adorable dresses and kitty shirts to glam up her healing.

Image Source: Open Doors Animal Rescue


Having food donations from Rescue Bank helps the rescue focus on the animals that need the extra time, effort and love. Not having to worry about affording food for all the animals in our care leaves us with the ability to nurture and care for them the best way possible.

Image Source: Open Doors Animal Rescue


Today Waverly is a gorgeous girl that shows no signs whatsoever of ever having been injured or abused. She lives with her kitty sister, Ella, and they are both loved dearly.

Image Source: Open Doors Animal Rescue


You would never know that Waverly suffered abuse because she physically and emotionally healed into a beautiful and loving cat. Waverly loves to explore, and you can find her cruising the tops of cabinets in the kitchen, hanging with Ella in the kitty condo and chilling out enjoying her furever life.

Image Source: Open Doors Animal Rescue


Because Open Doors Animal Rescue receives donations of food from Rescue Bank to provide nutritious care for our animals, we were able to focus on medical treatment to help Waverly heal 100%.

Image Source: Open Doors Animal Rescue


As a rescue, our sole existence depends on donations. To focus our finances on continued quality veterinary care, we depend heavily on food donations to ensure our fosters, short and long-term, are properly and nutritiously taken care of.”

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