Cat Rescued From Middle Of The Road During Morning Rush Hour Traffic


When Colorado State Patrol received a call about a cat stuck in the road during morning rush hour, they knew they had to act fast.


Around 8:15 am Thursday, Feb 23, the troopers arrived on the scene and diverted traffic to rescue a terrified kitty stuck on the median of I-25, just outside of Denver.

Despite being stranded in the middle of the road, the cat managed to survive. However, he was injured and taken to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock for treatment.

Joan Thielen with the Dumb Friends League told us that the cat was treated for minor injuries once into their care. He will be on hold for 5 days in hopes that his family claims him, and if not, they’ll prepare him for adoption. We hope he is loved, wherever he goes!

Thanks to the troopers, this cat has the chance to find a forever home or be safely returned to his family!

(h/t: KDVR )

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