Cat Rescued By Police Off NYC Subway Tracks

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 27, 2015

For most cats, going to the vet is not their cup of tea. Cats are typically most comfortable at home, and traveling in a car or going out on the busy streets is not an ideal situation for them. For a sweet black cat named George, his recent vet trip made the news. While traveling with his cat mom, Mila Rusafova, to the vet, she decided to take the subway in NYC. While standing near the loading station waiting to board, a noise startled her poor cat who came out of her care, and straight onto the train tracks! Thankfully there was a train far off in the distance, but it was steadily gaining speed.

“Time was a blur,” Rusafova told am New York. “That whole time George never moved. He was frozen to the spot. I was always scared that he would run.”

Mila became frantic, and other commuters came to her aid to alarm the subway conductor to halt the MTA train. Shortly after, Officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas showed up on the scene to help little George who was hiding in a tiny open area.

“He was panting, he was petrified,” Officer Brian Kenny said. “He didn’t move a muscle. The third rail was within four inches of his tail.”
Luckily these men did their best to bring this poor baby to safety.

“He looked at us. I picked him up, he reached for both of my shoulders like a baby. He almost hugged me,” Kenny said. “I love animals. Nothing would have happened to George. We were going to make sure of it.”

We are so glad that little George is safe! But, we advise his owner invest in a cat carrier so an incident like this never happens again! Thankfully NYPD was there to save the day!