Man Finds His Cat Befriending The Mouse He Was Supposed To Chase Away

| Published on February 22, 2024

Benjamín Sagredo was under the impression that his cat, Simon, would be the ultimate fix to the “mouse problem” that had been troubling his home. It’s a widely accepted notion that the mere existence of a cat within a household acts as a deterrent to mice, serving as an organic form of pest control. The assumption was that merely the presence of Simon would be enough to make any unwanted rodents think twice about sticking around. Sagredo was certain that in the rare event a mouse decided to brave the odds, Simon would swiftly spring into action, chasing the intruder away and thereby asserting his role as the household’s protector from such pests.

This belief in the natural predatory instincts of cats towards mice is deeply ingrained in popular thought, suggesting an effortless method of keeping the home free from rodent visitors simply by having a cat like Simon around.


Image/Story Source Credit: Stephen Messenger via YouTube Video


However, the reality of the situation took a surprising turn, veering far from Sagredo’s expectations. Contrary to popular belief and despite Simon’s presence, the mice seemed undeterred. The anticipated scenes of Simon in pursuit of these pests, a spectacle Sagredo thought would surely unfold, remained notably absent. This unforeseen twist in the tale highlights a humorous disconnect between expectation and reality, shedding light on the unpredictable nature of cats and their interest, or lack thereof, in assuming the role of household pest control.


The man walked in on something he totally didn’t expect; There his cat was making friends with the little “pest”! He decided to record it because he didn’t think anyone would believe it! How about this unlikely friendship in the making? Unreal! 🙂


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