The Many Moods Of Cats That We Know All Too Well

What is your cat thinking?

What signals is he sending you through his tail? She’s staring at you, but is she happy or curious or annoyed or none of these?

In an attempt to deconstruct the body-language of cats, New York Times Bestselling author/illustrators Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar present you with this little web story. The characters are from their newest project, Tess & Lion.

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mood_01 copy

mood_02 copy

mood_03 copy

mood_04 copy

mood_05 copy

mood_06 copy

mood_07 copy

mood_08 copy

mood_09 copy

mood_10 copy

mood_11 copy

mood_12 copy

mood_13 copy

mood_14 copy

mood_15 copy

mood_16 copy

mood_17 copy

mood_18 copy

mood_19 copy

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