Cat Loves Doing “Trust Falls” Into Her Human’s Arms

Didga is one incredible cat!

If the Australia-dwelling feline seems familiar to you, that’s no surprise – the rescue kitty is famous for surfing, skateboarding, and doing all sorts of adventurous tricks. But despite all the incredible things she can do, the simple trick in the video below may be one of her most impressive.

With nothing but gentle encouragement, Didga willingly performs “trust falls” for her human! What’s so unbelievable about this stunt is that doing it goes completely against a cat’s nature.

“A thousand percent against their instinct, Didga (cat) overcomes the urge to spin to point her feet in the direction falling, she ‘trusts’ me to catch her as she falls straight back into my hands,” writes her proud human on YouTube.

You have to see this!

That IS total trust! You can see that Didga does this trick all on her own, and she looks perfectly calm doing it. She and her human must have an amazing bond!

You can follow Didga and friends on social media @catmantoo!

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