Cat Isn’t Scared To Approach Lion At Animal Rescue

Alright, house kitties, I don’t want to see any of you trying this at home!

Baggy is a “housemeow” known to hold down the fort at the Care Rescue Texas, a nonprofit organization that serves as a safe haven for exotic animals to find a place where they are loved and cared for, many of which come from a life of abuse, neglect, or breeding.

And it’s been said that Baggy is a “tough little cookie”… but even her humans weren’t expecting this!

Youtube User Big Cat Derek operations director for CARE (the Center for Animal Research and Education) was able to catch this chance encounter with a rescued lion and a surly housecat looking to show off from the safety of a protective fence.

“Oh by god, Baggy, you will lose…” you can hear Derek say, as he witnesses the two lock eyes.

Like we said, kitties, don’t go trying this at home! And according to Derek’s YouTube comments, “All is well, everything settled, and her & Noey (the lion) are back on speaking terms.”


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