Cat In Italy Miraculously Rescued After Being Buried In Rubble For 32 Days


Just over a month ago, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake devastated central Italy.

As they continued to sift through the debris, firefighters were surprised to hear muffled meows. That’s when they made a miraculous discovery: a gray and white long-haired cat had been trapped beneath the rubble where a house once stood, and after 32 days, was still alive!

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The kitty’s name is Rocco, and aside from being dehydrated, he’s in pretty good health. No one knows how he managed to find enough food and water to survive, but it’s apparent that this clever kitty is very resourceful!

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Luckily, Rocco’s humans were on the scene, as they were prepared to oversee the demolition of what remained of their house, according to Love Meow.

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Imagine how they felt when they discovered that their beloved kitty was still alive! That must’ve been the surprise of a lifetime.

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A vet named Cristiana Graziani was nearby, and gave Rocco a much-needed check-up soon after he was uncovered. Considering the circumstances, he’s doing well.

After enduring so much devastation, the discovery of Rocco has made his humans very, very happy. He is also a reminder that good things can come out of tough situations, and to never, ever give up hope.

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Written by Karen Harris

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