Cat & Guinea Pig Secretly Admire An Unlikely Critter

| Published on June 17, 2016

Cats are amazing hunters. Sometimes we even get to see them hunting small creatures such as mice, squirrels, or even lizards and insects! However, there are some friendly cats who would rather befriend rodents instead of hunting them. Just like the kitty in the video below!

This cat is best friends with a guinea pig, and in the video, you’ll see both of them looking at a squirrel just outside the window. And it looks like these two want to recruit the squirrel and add him to their group! Check out the video below!

Source: Cat and Guinea Pig befriend wild squirrel by BraddockB on Rumble

Awww…aren’t they adorable? I’d love to see the squirrel join their group though! Hopefully they can all get along!

Has your cat ever tried befriending a squirrel before? Tell us about it in the comments section below!