After A Near Death Experience, This Cat Now Uses His Life To Comfort Others

For a cat that was once barely hanging onto life, he’s taking his new lease on life to provide comfort and care to other animals who need it. Radamenes, a beautiful black cat that lives in Bydgoszcz, Poland, was battling a severe respiratory infection that almost took his life when he was brought to a shelter.


The team was unsure if they could save his life, but veterinarians took a chance on him after hearing him purr when he received affection. Once Radamenes bounced back, he began to do something amazing for the sick and injured cats that were brought into the shelter–he started nursing them back to health. And the photos of sweet Radamenes are too precious!



The people who work at the shelter noticed that Radamenes was taking to these sick animals, even cleaning and hugging them. He would stay glued to their side, knowing that they needed a friend to be there.


Radamenes has even become a bit of a celebrity at the shelter where he nurses animals, with people flocking to see this sweet angel cat. We are so glad that the vets decided to take a second chance on this sweet animal, so he could fulfill his destiny of bringing joy to other animals who desperately need it!


Written by Modi Ramos
Story Page