Cat Furniture You AND Your Cat Will Love

| Published on January 19, 2015

We all love watching our cats climb all over their cat trees and snuggle up in their beds, but do you ever feel that your cats get bored of the furniture they have? Sometimes it seems a little bland and they could use something to spice up the fun. Here we’ve found some unique cat furniture that you and your felines are sure to love.

#1 – Fabric Cat Maze


Not only is this maze fun for your cats, it’s got a cool, contemporary feel that makes it a beautiful addition to your home. It’s nice and simple, while still being loads of fun as you cat jumps and climbs as high as he wants. Get it here!

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#2 – Posh Cat – Cat Hideout


This is a cool piece of furniture that can pretty much go anywhere in your home, although it does seem to work best when mounted somewhere high. Cats love to climb and they also love to hide, so this is the perfect addition to your kitty’s furniture collection. Get it here!

#3 – Cat Ball Bed


Modern beds are the rage, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t want our cats to enjoy the fun. These cat ball beds are neat little pods that are warm and cozy for our kitties to do their napping in. Plus, they’re cool looking pieces of furniture! Get it here!

#4 – Out of Sight Litter Box Cabinet


This is a really awesome piece of furniture. Not only does it give your cat the peace and quiet he desires when doing his business, it looks fancy and keeps the litter box and it’s smell out of plan view. This cabinet hides the mess, makes for easy cleaning and even stops your cat from tracking litter around the house. I’m not sure we’d use it as a coffee table (though you could), but it would make a great little place to put some photos or other table items. Get it here!

#5 – Sapling Cat Tree House


While we call the big pieces of carpeted furniture “cat trees,” they certainly don’t always live up to the name. But here we have a real-looking fake tree, complete with a treehouse, for our cats to enjoy. This is a nice piece of furniture that would look good anywhere in your home and gives your cat some true outdoor time from the comfort of your room. Get it here!

#6 – Floating Cat Shelves


Looking for something so your cat relax high up but doesn’t take up too much space? These floating cat shelves are the perfect way for you to give your cat the ultimate perch without having to sacrifice the space needed for a giant cat tree. Plus, they look pretty cool! Get it here!

#7 – Cat Tunnel Sofa


This sofa is perfect for your feline friends to lounge around in. But it’s no ordinary  sofa, as this one comes with built-in tunnels for your cat to explore and hide in. It’s a great looking piece of furniture that you and your cat are both sure to enjoy! Get it here!