Cat Food Bag Casts Mysterious Shadow That Intrigues Feline Fanatics

Cat lovers can see the “kitty” in everything. Clouds, architecture, words (you can locate them everywhere!), it’s nearly impossible to get felines out of our minds!

When one Reddit user saw a pointy-eared shadow behind their cat food bag, the shape was rather uncatty – er – uncanny! So of course, he had to share.

MarkSputnik posted a photo of the illusion online, and it didn’t take long for fellow Redditors to weigh in.

Image Source: MarkSputnik via Reddit


“It takes a cat to know a cat,” said imnotheretostay.

“Looks like the cat’s out of the bag, fellas,” xKappz chimed in.

When asked what kind of light was casting the shadow (“Furrescent?” asked DadJokeBadJoke), the poster responded, “It’s a wall-mounted light above the sink that produces purrfect shadows.”

Image Source: MarkSputnik via Reddit


Still, the positioning is just too purrfect. Do you think it’s the spirit of a cat from days past, or a simple case of lighting trickery? One way or another, it looks pretty cool to us!

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