Cat Does THIS When Confronted With An Alligator!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 30, 2015

We’ve seen some truly amazing cat videos, but this one might take the cake as the coolest ever! Cats can impress us with their skills and their innate ability to intimidate other species of animals. In this video, you will see something you probably couldn’t even imagine: a cat confronting an alligator!

In true cat form, the cat inches closely sizing up this deadly reptile ever so carefully. With each step, you can hear the audience in the background shocked in disbelief and concerned over what might happen to this sweet feline. But wait! This cat has something special up his sleeve:

Alligator VS tiny Cat! www.havetime.ch

Posted by Suelo Trade GmbH on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

That was incredible! I’ve never seen anything like this before! Did you think the cat was going to get scared and run away? I know I would have!