5 Cat Breeds That Love Water and Swimming

Written by: Ejay C
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| Published on November 30, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats despise water. There are particular cat breeds that exhibit a surprising affinity for water and even enjoy swimming. This article explores five cat breeds known for their love of water, delving into the unique traits and historical backgrounds contributing to their unusual fondness for aquatic environments.

1. Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is often called the “swimming cat” due to its love for water. Originating from the Lake Van region in Turkey, this breed has a unique, water-repellent coat that allows them to swim quickly. They enjoy playing in the water and often join their owners in pools or bathtubs.

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coons, one of the most giant domestic cat breeds, are also known for their affinity for water. Their thick, water-resistant fur makes them well-adapted to wet conditions, a trait likely developed from their origins in the northeastern United States. Maine Coons often exhibit playful behavior with water and aren’t shy about getting their paws wet.

3. Bengal

Bengals are fascinated by water, partly due to their wild ancestry. This breed descends from the Asian leopard cat, a species known for its swimming ability. Bengals often show a keen interest in water, whether playing with a dripping faucet or bravely venturing into bathtubs.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat, with its origins in the cold climates of Norway, is well-equipped for swimming. Their dense, water-resistant coat protects them from wet conditions, and they often enjoy water-related activities. This breed’s history of surviving in harsh outdoor environments may contribute to their comfort with water.

5. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian, one of the oldest known cat breeds, shows a surprising interest in water. While not as enthusiastic about swimming as other breeds, Abyssinians are often curious about water and may play with water dishes or investigate showers and taps. Their playful and inquisitive nature extends to their interactions with water.


These five cat breeds challenge the typical stereotype of cats hating water. From the Turkish Van’s notable swimming skills to the Maine Coon’s playful splashing, each of these breeds demonstrates a unique and fascinating relationship with water. These breeds are worth considering for cat owners looking for a pet that shares their love for aquatic adventures.