Tabby Scratched At Their Door Every Day, Snuck In When They Weren’t Looking

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 20, 2023

A ‘pet-less’ couple had just discussed getting a goldfish when an adorable orange Tabby appeared at their house. The neighbor’s kitty scratched at their door before, but they never let him inside. In fact, he didn’t just scratch at the door; he proceeded to peek into their glass window to say hello.

One day Morgan accidentally left their door open, and the cat, Carmelo, leisurely came inside. At first, the couple was taken aback, but as his visits became more frequent, they took it as a sign. Carmelo really wanted to be friends! He got comfortable quickly, as did Morgan and her boyfriend, and began to play with his new human friends. Of course, this meant that he would have to nap after, and Morgan was totally okay with that too!

Carmelo comes and goes as he pleases. The couple was used to the cat going to the door by the end of the day to go home. But then his visits became longer. Eventually, his visits turned into sleepovers. The story is too cute to miss! Just wait until you see how much joy Carmelo brings the couple each and every day!

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