Woman Took 19 Flights To Bring Home Rejected Kitten She Found On Vacation

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 18, 2024

A caring woman took 19 flights to bring home a tiny kitten she found while on vacation in Malaysia. When she found the newborn, he was all alone in a cardboard box. He squeaked as loudly as he could. In the Reel below, the woman explains just how tiny he was, “He was a little bigger than a bar of soap.” She picked him up and wrapped him snuggly in a blanket. She decided to name him Burrito since he was so content wrapped up tightly ‘purrito’ style. Burrito’s loving mom took him everywhere she went for an entire year.

Once Burrito was healthy and old enough to travel, his mom booked 19 flights in order to accommodate the cat. Now that’s one devoted cat-mom! Once they finally arrived home, Burrito met his kitty siblings. He hissed and swatted at them like he owned the place. When Burrito got used to his surroundings, he was more receptive to his new family.

Burrito and his unwavering resilience inspired the woman. She decided to adopt another animal in need when he was 2 years old– a kitten named Strawberry. The duo has adorably bonded. They love to snuggle and bathe one another. Burrito has taught his mom that ‘the best thing to do isn’t always the easiest thing.’ While the process of bringing Burrito home was long and challenging, his mom wouldn’t change a thing!

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