Girl Thought She Rescued An Ordinary Kitten But Commenters Disagreed

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on August 18, 2023

Katherine Van Beek is an avid animal lover. While walking home, she saw a teeny-tiny animal crawling on the footpath. At first glance, she thought it was a mouse. But as she got closer, she realized it was a newborn kitten with his umbilical cord still attached. A baby this young wouldn’t likely survive, but she had to give it a shot.

Katherine brought the motherless kitten home and named him Bruce after Batman because he, too, was also an orphan. She cared for the little one around the clock, praying for his survival. She planned on fostering Bruce, and if he survived, she’d find him a forever home. But that all went out the window once Bruce opened his eyes for the first time.

With Katherine’s care, Bruce thrived! Then, oddly, the kitten’s coat changed from a light grey to black. The vet explained that Bruce had “fever coat.” If a mother is sick or stressed and gives birth, parts of their fur can change to grey, cream, or even red.

The teeny grey kitten is now a big boy that loves life. Especially bird watching! Thank you, Katherine, for saving this precious cat’s life!

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Feature image courtesy of Diamond Paws/YouTube