Brave Cat Faces Five Dogs To Defend A Friend And Does It In An Amazing Way

This is so crazy! Don’t ever mess with cats, guys!
The video we have for you shows just how serious a cat can be if he doesn’t want you to mess with him or a friend. We don’t have the whole backstory, but from what we can tell this cat seems to protecting his human friend, who’s located just off screen during most of the video. A (possibly wild) pack of dogs approaches and they seem to genuinely want to check out the cat and human, but this ninja kitty isn’t letting it happen! The dogs appear to be interested in playing, but that might not be the case… Considering this cat’s instinct to protect himself and his friend, we’re going to assume he’s had a run in with dogs before, so he’s not taking any chances this time! Cats make be vastly smaller than most dogs, but don’t underestimate their ability to scare off a potential threat or take down a predator! I’m just happy to say that nothing bad happened and no dog, cat or human were harmed during this tense run in on the street. ☺

Based on what you know of cats and dogs, do you think this cat overreacted? Or do you think he did exactly what he should have? There is no wrong answer! Share your thoughts at the bottom of this page!

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