Black Beauty Bee Gets Surgery, and a Pain-Free Life

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Bee was born at a Detroit community cat colony. A severe infection permanently scarred her eyes and deformed her right eyelid. The caregiver of the colony did the best they could carefully cleaning her eyes, but they grew worse, and she lost sight almost completely. A couple of years went by and she gave birth to two litters. They knew she couldn’t survive another winter, so they called Providing for Paws rescue for help. Thankfully they were able to trap Bee and bring her in.

Providing for Paws believe the compromised vision has resulted in Bee feeling threatened with minor movement; socializing is a very slow process resulting in her long-term or permanent foster placement. Now Bee is spayed, tested, vaccinated, and microchipped. She’s had entropion surgery on her right eye. For the first time in a long time, they believe Bee may be almost pain-free.

“’s Rescue Bank provides food and treats for Bee’s home colony and for Bee in her foster home. We are afforded the possibility of spending donations for the much needed medical care. Without the continued support of Rescue Bank, Providing for Paws would not be able to do the many things we do to better the lives of our voiceless furry family. We remain hopeful that one day Bee will be happy living safely with her forever family.”

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