10 Best Outdoor Cat Tents & Enclosures

Written by: Ejay C
| Published on August 21, 2023

For every feline enthusiast who understands the adventurous spirit of their whiskered companions, providing a safe outdoor experience becomes paramount. The world outside the windowpane is brimming with intriguing sights, sounds, and scents that beckon our cats. However, the great outdoors also poses potential risks. Enter the realm of outdoor cat tents and enclosures – designed to strike the perfect balance between safety and exploration, they offer our feline friends a taste of wilderness while ensuring their well-being.

#1 – 6-in-1 Cat Tent with Tunnel for Outdoor Cat Enclosures, Portable Playpen Play Tents for Indoor and Outdoor Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets, and Small Animals (Kitty Tower)

The 6-in-1 Cat Tent with Tunnel is a versatile and spacious pet enclosure, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It features three cat tents and three cat tunnels, with six zipper doors that can be combined to create different playgrounds for your pet. Whether you want to provide your cat with an outdoor experience or simply create a safe and fun space for them indoors, this playpen is a great option.

Best For: Providing an outdoor experience for your cat on a budget.


#2 – GEERTOP Outdoor Cat Tent, Cat Enclosure for Outside Indoor, Portable Sunshade Playpen Playhouse for Cats Puppy Small Animals

The GEERTOP Outdoor Cat Tent is a portable and versatile enclosure for cats, small dogs, rabbits, and other small animals. It offers a large and safe play space with a shade tarp to protect pets from UV radiation. The tent is breathable, easy to set up, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Best For: Outdoor use and providing a large play space. (best on a budget)


#3 – Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Indoor Cats, Cat Cube Tent and Cat Tunnel for Outside, Portable Mesh Cat Play House, with 1 Cat Wand Toy and 3 Cat Feather Toys

This product is a set of outdoor cat enclosures for indoor cats. It includes a cube cat mesh tent house, a cat mesh tunnel, a cat wand toy, and three cat feather toys. The enclosures can be used together or separately, and additional tunnels or tents can be connected for more fun. It is lightweight, foldable, and made of high-quality mesh material for durability and easy cleaning.

Best for: Outdoor play and socialization for indoor cats.


#4 – MAMI&BABI Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Indoor Cats,Foldable Outside Cat Playpen Enclosed with Tunnel,Pet Tents Enclosure for Cats,Puppy,Rabbit and Other Small Animals

The MAMI&BABI Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Indoor Cats is a foldable playpen that allows indoor cats to safely enjoy the outdoors. It includes a tent and a surround tunnel and is made of breathable and durable mesh materials. The playpen can be used both indoors and outdoors and is lightweight and easy to set up.

Best For: Indoor cats who want to enjoy the outdoors safely.


#5 – Cat Tent Outdoor, Pet Enclosure Tent Suitable for Cats and Small Animals, Indoor Playpen Portable Exercise Tent with Carry Bag(Dark Green)

The Cat Tent Outdoor is a large, portable tent suitable for cats and small animals. It provides over 30 square feet of activity space and has a widened zipper door for easy access. The tent is easy to install and disassemble, and its sturdy construction protects pets from other wild animals. It can be used for outdoor time, providing shade and protection from pests.

Best For: Outdoor use for cats and small animals.


#6 – Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Cats Indoor, Portable Cat Mesh Tent, Outdoor Cat Tunnel, Cat Playhouse with Adjustable Cat Harness and Leash for Walking, Colorful Tease Cat Ball for Small Animals

Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Cats Indoor is a product that includes a cat mesh tent, a cat mesh tunnel, a cat mesh playhouse, a cat harness and leash for walking, and a tease cat ball. The three parts can be used together or separately and are suitable for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals. The product is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to travel with and store. It can be used outdoors as a safe play area for pets or indoors as a cat house or resting area. The product is made of durable polyester mesh, providing ventilation and a 360° view for pets.

Best For: Outdoor play area and safe access to sunlight for small pets.


#7 – Cat House Portable Indoor/Outdoor Red Cat Tent for Cats and Small Dogs with Soft Mat

The Cat House Portable Indoor/Outdoor Red Cat Tent is a durable and comfortable pet tent designed for cats and small dogs. This tent is modeled after full-size tents and features a soft cushion and mesh windows for ventilation. It is perfect for outdoor use with its waterproof floor and comes with four ground stakes for stability.

Best For: Providing a unique resting place for cats on a budget.


#8 – 6-in-1 Outdoor Cat House,Cat Tent with Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats,Cat Houses for Outdoor Cats,Outdoor Cat Enclosures,Portable Pet Playpen for Cats Rabbits Ferrets Puppy and Small Animals playpen

The 6-in-1 Outdoor Cat House is a versatile and portable pet playpen that allows indoor pets to safely enjoy outdoor activities. It features a sturdy material with a fine mesh design to ensure the safety of pets while providing them with a 360-degree view. The set includes multiple tents and tunnels, allowing for various combinations and assembly methods suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Best For: Outdoor play and camping for cats and small animals.


#9 – Cat Tent Outdoor, Pet Enclosure Tent Suitable for Cats and Small Animals, Indoor Playpen Portable Exercise Tent with Carry Bag(Orange)

The Cat Tent Outdoor is a large and portable pet enclosure suitable for cats and small animals. With over 30 square feet of activity space, it provides ample room for multiple pets. The tent is easy to install and dismantle, and comes with a convenient carrying bag for storage. It is made with sturdy construction and includes a zipper door for easy access.

Best For: Providing outdoor time and shade for cats and small animals.


#10 – Pawtenda 6-in-1 Cat Tents for Outside, Portable Outdoor Enclosures for Indoor Cat, Cat Tents with Tunnels for Outside, Outdoor Catio, Cat Playpen Including 3 Tents and 3 Tunnels

The Pawtenda 6-in-1 Cat Tents for Outside are portable outdoor enclosures designed to provide a safe and exhilarating space for cats to explore and experience the outdoors. The tent features tunnels and hideaways that mimic the excitement of a true wilderness and satisfy cats’ innate curiosity and love for adventure. It is made from weather-resistant materials and is easy to set up and transport.

Best For: Cat owners looking for a portable and affordable outdoor enclosure.


Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Cat Tent or Enclosure

Of course! Selecting the right outdoor cat tent or enclosure is essential for ensuring your feline’s safety and enjoyment. Here are some key tips to consider:

  1. Size and Space: First and foremost, assess the size of the tent or enclosure in relation to your cat’s size. If you have multiple cats, ensure there’s enough room for all of them to move and play comfortably.
  2. Durable Materials: The tent or enclosure should be made of robust and durable materials to withstand various weather conditions and potential rough play from your cat. Look for high-quality, tear-resistant fabrics and sturdy frames.
  3. Secure Fastenings: Ensure that the enclosure has secure zippers, latches, or ties. This will prevent your cat from making an unplanned escape and also deter potential predators from getting in.
  4. Mesh and Visibility: A good outdoor tent or enclosure should have mesh windows or panels. This allows your cat to view its surroundings, provides good ventilation, and also keeps out bugs and insects.
  5. Flooring: While some tents and enclosures come with built-in floors, others might not. A floor can prevent your cat from digging its way out. If the tent doesn’t have a floor, you can place a mat or blanket inside for added comfort.
  6. Easy Setup and Portability: If you plan on moving the tent or enclosure or using it during travels, ensure it’s easy to set up, dismantle, and transport.
  7. Shade and Shelter: If placing the tent in a sunny area, ensure it offers shade so your cat can escape the sun’s heat. Some tents come with a roof or canopy, which is ideal for protection against light rain or direct sunlight.
  8. Safety Features: Consider enclosures with additional safety features such as lockable doors or double-door systems, which ensure your cat doesn’t dash out when you’re entering or leaving the space.
  9. Maintenance and Cleaning: Easy-to-clean materials are a bonus. This ensures that any accidents or messes can be quickly dealt with, keeping the space hygienic for your cat.
  10. Expandability: Some enclosures offer the option to add on tunnels, rooms, or platforms. If you think you might want to expand in the future, consider one of these modular systems.

Lastly, always introduce your cat to the new outdoor space gradually. Stay with them during their first few outings to ensure they feel safe and to observe how they interact with their new environment. The goal is to provide a stimulating and secure outdoor experience for your feline friend.


Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Cat Enclosures

1. Why should I consider an outdoor cat enclosure for my feline?

Outdoor cat enclosures offer cats the opportunity to experience the outside world safely. They can benefit from fresh air, watch wildlife, and have a change of environment without the risks associated with roaming free.

2. Are outdoor cat enclosures safe for my pet?

Yes, when chosen and set up correctly, outdoor cat enclosures provide a secure environment for your feline. They protect cats from potential dangers like traffic, predators, and fights with other animals, while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors.

3. How big should the enclosure be?

The size of the enclosure depends on your cat’s needs and the available space. Ideally, it should be large enough for your cat to move around, climb, and play. If you have multiple cats, ensure the size accommodates all of them comfortably.

4. Can I leave my cat in the enclosure overnight?

While enclosures are safe, it’s generally not recommended to leave your cat outside overnight. Nighttime can bring colder temperatures and increased activity from wild animals, which might stress or harm your cat.

5. How can I enrich the environment inside the enclosure?

Incorporate vertical spaces like shelves or climbing structures. Adding toys, scratching posts, and even safe plants can stimulate your cat’s senses and keep them entertained. Ensure there’s also a shaded area and comfortable resting spots.

6. Do I need a special permit or approval for an outdoor cat enclosure?

While most places don’t require permits for cat enclosures, it’s always a good idea to check local regulations or homeowners association guidelines to ensure you’re compliant.

7. How can I introduce my cat to the new outdoor space?

Start with short, supervised sessions. Bring your cat out in a carrier and let them come out on their own terms. Over time, as they grow more comfortable, you can extend their outdoor time.

8. What materials should I look for in a durable cat enclosure?

Opt for strong, rust-resistant metals for the frame, and high-quality, tear-resistant mesh or netting. The materials should withstand weather changes and resist potential damage from your cat’s claws.

9. How can I ensure the enclosure is escape-proof?

Ensure that all entry and exit points have secure latches or zippers. Check for any gaps or weak points regularly, and make sure the mesh or netting is tightly attached to the frame.

10. Can outdoor enclosures protect my cat from fleas and ticks?

While enclosures can reduce the likelihood of exposure, they can’t guarantee complete protection. It’s essential to keep the area clean and consider using preventative flea and tick treatments for your cat.

Conclusion: Best Outdoor Cat Tents & Enclosures

In the vast tapestry of cat care, outdoor tents and enclosures emerge as an ingenious solution, allowing our pets a glimpse of the world beyond their usual confines. While the decision to introduce your cat to the outdoors should be made with care, having a reliable and well-structured tent or enclosure can certainly pave the way. Whether you opt for a compact tent or an expansive enclosure, the joy of watching your cat revel in the fresh air, chase after fluttering leaves, or simply lounge under the open sky, is unparalleled. Choose wisely, and let these innovative structures enrich the outdoor adventures of your beloved feline.