14 Best Modern Cat Litter Boxes

Written by: Ejay C
| Published on May 3, 2024
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In today’s age of stylish interiors and sleek designs, pet owners are on the lookout for cat accessories that not only serve their primary function but also blend seamlessly into modern homes. Cat litter boxes, a necessity for every indoor feline friend, are no exception. Gone are the days of bulky, unsightly litter containers; the modern cat owner now has an array of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional options to choose from.


#1 – MS!MAKE SURE Cat Litter Box MAX – Stylish & Functional for Indoor Cats – 2023 New Modern Design – Large Space, Leak-Proof, and Odor-Free – Includes Litter Scoop – White

The MS!MAKE SURE Cat Litter Box MAX is a stylish and functional litter box designed for indoor cats. It features a large space, leak-proof design, and odor-free capabilities. With its generous size and extra high litter pan, it is perfect for small to medium-sized cats who value privacy and comfort. Efficient cleaning is made easy with the drawable tray and hidden scoop, while the built-in waved filter entryway reduces leakage and keeps your home clean and odor-free.

Best for: Indoor cats who value privacy and comfort.


#2 – Meowy Studio Loo Modern Cat Litter Box – All in One Cover Litter Filter Plate Scoop and Holder, Carbon Grey

The Meowy Studio Loo Modern Cat Litter Box is an all-in-one solution for cat owners. It features a modern design that complements any space, a litter catcher that keeps floors clean, and a closed structure that effectively blocks odor. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, this litter box is durable and scratch-resistant. It is best for cat owners looking for a stylish, functional, and low-maintenance litter box.

Best For: Cat owners looking for a stylish, functional, and budget-friendly litter box. (best on a budget)


#3 – FEANDREA Litter Box Enclosure, Modern Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden, with Scratching Mat, Tall Legs, Cat House for Indoor Cats, Side End Table, 31.5 x 19.7 x 21.7 Inches, White and Gold UPCL007W01

The FEANDREA Litter Box Enclosure is a modern cat litter box furniture piece that features a white finish and gold-colored metal frame, blending in with your existing furniture. It creates an enclosed space for your cat, satisfying their natural instincts for privacy and exploration. The enclosure fits most litter boxes and can be used as a litter box cabinet, cat bed, side table, or TV stand. It is easy to assemble and clean, with step-by-step instructions and labeled parts, tall legs for easy cleaning, and two doors for convenient scooping.

Best For: Styling the litter box area.


#4 – Good Pet Stuff, The Original Hidden Litter Box, Artificial Plants & Enclosed Cat Planter Litter Box, Vented & Odor Filter, Easy to Clean, White Birch

The Original Hidden Litter Box from Good Pet Stuff is an enclosed cat litter box designed to look like a planter with faux plants. It features a vented system with a filter to control odor and keeps litter, dust, and dander inside the box. The litter box is easy to clean and assemble, made from durable and environmentally friendly materials, and comes with a 1-year warranty.


#5 – PETKIT Extra Large Self Cleaning Smart Cat Litter Box with Mat for Multi Cats, Automatic, xSecure Integrated Safety Protection/APP Control, 76L

The PETKIT Extra Large Self Cleaning Smart Cat Litter Box is an automatic litter box that can be controlled remotely via the PETKIT app. It features a xSecure system for safety, smart sensors for tracking your cat’s health, and three cleaning modes. With an extra-large capacity and easy maintenance, this litter box is a convenient option for multi-cat households.

Best For: Convenient and high-tech litter box option.


#6 – Modkat Flip Litter Box Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner – Gray

The Modkat Flip Litter Box is a litter box designed to prevent leaks and litter scatter. It includes a scoop and a reusable liner. The flipping lid has three positions for privacy preference and the liner system keeps liners securely in place.

Best For: Controlling leaks and litter scatter.


#7 – GDLF Modern Wood Pet Crate Cat Washroom Hidden Litter Box Enclosure Furniture House as Table Nightstand with Scratch Pad,Stackable (Gray & White)

The GDLF Modern Wood Pet Crate Cat Washroom is a multi-functional piece of furniture that functions as a table while hiding a litter box or cat bed. Made from environmental engineered wood with a waterproof and scratch-resistant veneer, it is durable and can even be placed in the bathroom without worry of damage. It also features a cat scratch pad at the entrance to prevent litter from staining the room.

Best for: Blending with home decor and hiding litter box.


#8 – MS Cat Litter Box for Easier Handling of Cat Litter, Enclosed Design, Easy to Clean, Prevent Sand Leakage, Easy Assembly and Large Space, with Cat Litter Scoop

The MS Cat Litter Box is a modern and sleek litter box that is easy to clean and prevents sand leakage. It features a magnetic suction cover to hide messes and a hidden storage compartment for all-in-one convenience. The litter box also has a curved filter aisle to reduce tracking and comes with a complimentary scoop.

Best for: Those looking for a modern and stylish litter box with convenient storage.


#9 – DAWNSPACES Cat Litter Box Enclosure for 2 Cats, Modern Wood Stackable Large Cat Washroom Storage Cabinet Bench End Table Furniture,with Removable Litter Box, White

The DAWNSPACES Cat Litter Box Enclosure is a modern and functional piece of furniture designed to provide privacy for two cats sharing a litter box. Made of sturdy wood with an environmentally friendly coating, this enclosure is suitable for most cats and can support up to 60 lbs. It includes thoughtful details such as a litter catcher, air circulation holes, and magnetic doors for easy access. This multifunctional piece can also be used as an end table, dresser, nightstand, or shoe stool.

Best For: Best overall


#10 – MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Integrated Safety Protection Automatic Cat Litter Box for Multi Cats, Extra Large/Odor Isolation/APP Control Smart Cat Litter Box with Mat & Liner

The MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is an automatic litter box designed to make cleaning up after your cat easier. It features integrated safety protection, app control, and health monitoring capabilities. The litter box cleans itself after your cat leaves, and has a built-in odor isolation system. It is suitable for all kinds of cats within 3.3-18 pounds.

Best For: Convenient and easy cat litter box cleaning. (best on a budget)


#11 – MS!MAKE SURE Cat Litter Box (with Litter Mat), Enclosed Design, Large Space Litter Box with Lid, Prevent Sand Leakage and Isolate Odors, Easy to Clean, with Cat Litter Scoop – Gray Blue

The MS!MAKE SURE Cat Litter Box is an enclosed design that cleverly hides litter and provides privacy for cats. It features a magnetic lid, pull-out tray, and hidden storage space for cleaning convenience. The litter box also has a curved filter aisle to prevent litter from spreading and advanced plastic technology to block odors.

Best For: Effortless cleaning and odor control.


#12 – FEANDREA Litter Box Enclosure, Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden, with Front Entry, Modern Cat House for Indoor Cat, Kitty, Side End Table, 32.4 x 20.9 x 19.7 Inches, Rustic Brown UPCL001X01

The FEANDREA Litter Box Enclosure is a piece of cat furniture that doubles as a hidden litter box. It has a rustic finish and can blend in with most home styles. The enclosure creates an enclosed space for cats, giving them privacy while also satisfying their natural instincts to explore. It is versatile in size and can fit most litter boxes, making it easy to fit into any space. Overall, this product is best for those looking to hide their cat’s litter box in a stylish and functional piece of furniture.

Best For: Concealing the litter box in a decorative and space-saving way.


#13 – PetSafe ScoopFree Complete Plus Self-Cleaning Cat Litterbox – Never Scoop Litter Again – Hands-No Cleanup With Disposable Crystal Tray – Less Tracking, Better Odor Control – Includes Disposable Tray

The PetSafe ScoopFree Complete Plus Self-Cleaning Cat Litterbox is an automatic litter box that eliminates the need for scooping, cleaning, and refilling for weeks. It features a disposable crystal tray that absorbs liquid waste and dehydrates solid waste, providing five times better odor control than traditional clumping litter. The low-tracking crystals are 99% dust-free and don’t stick to your cat’s paws, preventing messy floors.

Best For: Hands-free litter box cleaning and odor control. (best overall)


#14 REDSASA Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Cat Litter Box for Multi Cats

The REDSASA Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box offers a revolutionary solution for pet owners with multiple cats. Designed to automatically clean itself, this litter box ensures that you never have to scoop again. It utilizes an efficient mechanism to separate waste, depositing it into a lined container that can be easily disposed of. The system is engineered to provide exceptional odor control, keeping your home fresh regardless of how many cats you have. Additionally, its design minimizes litter tracking, making cleanup around the box a breeze.

Best For: Multi-cat households looking for a convenient and odor-free litter box solution. (best for multiple cats)

Redsasa litter box

Tips for Choosing a Modern Cat Litter Box

When choosing a modern cat litter box, it’s essential to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Here are some tips to ensure you make the right choice:

  1. Prioritize Functionality: While a sleek design is attractive, the litter box must serve its primary function efficiently. Ensure it’s easy to clean, provides privacy for your cat, and effectively contains odor and litter scatter.
  2. Consider Size: Always take into account the size of your cat. The litter box should be spacious enough for your cat to move around comfortably, but not so large that it dominates your living space.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Opt for durable, easy-to-clean materials. Stainless steel or heavy-duty plastics can offer a modern look without compromising on longevity.
  4. Odor Control: A modern design shouldn’t skimp on functionality. Look for boxes with built-in carbon filters or other odor-neutralizing features.
  5. Ease of Cleaning: A sleek design means little if it’s a hassle to maintain. Opt for designs that have removable trays or liners, or features that facilitate easy scooping.
  6. Location in Your Home: Consider where the litter box will be placed. A modern box may be more visible in your home, so think about the colors and styles that will complement your decor.
  7. Safety: Ensure that any lids or entry points are safe and accessible for your cat. Avoid designs with sharp edges or difficult-to-navigate entrances.
  8. Cost: Modern designs can be pricier, but consider it an investment. It’s worth paying a little more for a design that’s durable, functional, and visually pleasing.
  9. Reviews and Recommendations: Before settling on a design, look at reviews or ask fellow cat owners for their experiences with modern litter boxes.
  10. Versatility: Some modern litter boxes come with multi-functional features like planters on top or built-in storage. While these can be attractive, always ensure the primary function isn’t compromised.


Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Cat Litter Boxes

  • What makes a cat litter box “modern”?
    Modern cat litter boxes often combine contemporary design aesthetics with innovative features to optimize functionality. They might incorporate sleek lines, neutral colors, and sometimes even dual-purpose designs, like incorporating planters or furniture functionality.
  • Are modern cat litter boxes more effective at controlling odor?
    Not necessarily. While many modern designs prioritize odor control with features like carbon filters and sealed lids, the effectiveness often depends more on the specific features and quality of materials than on the design aesthetic alone.
  • Do modern cat litter boxes require special types of litter?
    Generally, no. Most modern litter boxes can use traditional clumping or non-clumping cat litters. However, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially if the box has unique features.
  • Are modern designs suitable for multiple cats?
    It depends on the size and design of the box. Many modern boxes are designed for single-cat households, but there are larger models available that can accommodate multiple cats. Always check the size and weight specifications.
  • How often should I clean a modern cat litter box?
    Regardless of design, litter boxes should be scooped daily and cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. This ensures optimal hygiene and odor control.
  • Can modern cat litter boxes be incorporated into home decor?
    Absolutely! Many modern designs aim to be visually appealing so that they can seamlessly integrate into your home without looking out of place.
  • Are modern cat litter boxes more expensive?
    While some modern designs can be pricier due to premium materials or innovative features, there are plenty of affordable options that offer a balance between style and function.
  • Is it difficult to assemble or set up a modern cat litter box?
    Most modern cat litter boxes are designed for easy assembly and setup. However, some designs with multi-functional features may require a bit more time and effort.
  • Do modern designs have better splash or kick-back prevention?
    Many do. Modern boxes often prioritize reducing litter scatter and splash with features like higher walls, top entries, or special grates.
  • Will my cat need time to adjust to a modern litter box design?
    Just like any new litter box, there might be an adjustment period. It’s essential to place the new box next to the old one for a while, allowing your cat to grow accustomed to it before removing the older box


Conclusion: Best Modern Cat Litter Boxes

Incorporating a touch of elegance and modernity into a necessary pet accessory, modern cat litter boxes offer the best of both worlds – functionality and style. Not only do they provide a discreet and comfortable place for your cat to do its business, but they also elevate the overall look of your living space. Investing in a contemporary design ensures that your pet’s essentials don’t detract from your home’s aesthetic but rather enhance it. So, as you consider updating your home décor, remember that even the most practical items, like a litter box, can be both chic and efficient.

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